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Alternative Reef Magnetic Reef shelf /Wave maker hide

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Alternative Reef Magnetic Reef shelf/Wave maker hide

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Alternative Reef Magnetic Reef Shelf
With a super-strong Algae-free brand magnet, this shelf will stay in place and is easy to move if glass cleaning is required.
Like all of the AR products, the material is excellent for coral to adhere to and easy to fit plugs on to.

Made specially to hide MP-10 wave makers and smaller Jebao models such as the RW-4 A bag of frag plugs is included with each shelf.
Each shelf is unique and they now have hidey-holes for small fish to live in!

Some are wide (up to 15cm) and some are long. As they are each hand crafted no two are alike, therefore each one has it's own unique code...what you see is what you get!.

With a textured surface for better adhesion and made from vinyl material.

The Alternative Reef has taken over 28 years of experience in the freshwater and marine hobby and used it to improve existing products and to create unique products specifically designed to make coral propagation easy and fun for everyone.
They are the first and most reliable supplier of ceramic propagation supplies in the industry.
Their ceramic plugs are more durable than aragonite, and are made of the most porous material available to us.
They do not need additional curing time and can be used right out of the bag.
Alternative reef products feel like rock, and once encrusted, will look like rock. In addition they will quickly colonize with bacteria and aid in biological filtration.
This is all just part of the attention to the quality and detail of their coral propagation products.

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