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Forwater DESILCO Stand alone Di unit

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Forwater DESILCO Stand alone Di unit

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    DESILCO is the first post deionizer anti silicate osmosis, anti-nitrates and anti phosphate created and designed to treat water from reverse osmosis or demineralisation. Indicated and recommended to get pure water to be used for aquariums, laboratories, pharmaceutical, dental, dentists, and for all other uses where you need to have pure water and free of silicates, phosphates, nitrates, organic matter and contaminants in general.
  DESILCO is made in Italy from FORWATER using premium-quality components, and completely non-toxic products in Europe and the US. Use push-in fittings for food and drinking water.
  The new dual seal outer container ensures a perfect fit and thanks to the absolute transparency ensures proper display and a perfect control of the color change being phased out of resin contained inside. The inner cartridge is designed to allow a forced passage through the resin, preventing the formation of preferential channels. The system is complete with a practical and resistant in white painted steel bracket for wall and pipe mounting for connection.
    DESILCO comes ready to use and installation is simple and takes just a few minutes. Just slip the good water pipe coming from the osmosis (permeate) in the quick coupling of the deionizer and after a few minutes it will come out completely deionized water and free of silicates, phosphates and nitrates ready for use. The plant can 'treat up to 3000 liters of demineralized water.
  The internal cartridge contains SILCO; a mixture of resins with excellent chemical and physical characteristics and performance suitable for the production of fully deionized water of the highest quality and free of silicates, phosphates and nitrates. The SILCO is a complete resin with a high degree of purity can eliminate all that is present in the water making it free of phosphates, nitrates, silicates, heavy metals and other toxic and undesirable compounds. Due to its large absorption capacity he is able to work in depth where other resins do not arrive bringing the conductivity to values ​​below 0.1 microsiemens.
  The resin has the ability to change color during the exhaustion passing from emerald green to blue with impressive color and visual effect. This guarantees the user to know the status of the resin efficiency and exhaustion and know when it's time to replace it without the aid of expensive electronic instruments.
  The resin does not release toxic or unwanted substances and water thus treated can 'be used immediately.
  DESILCO is the first post osmosis system ready for use with resins and color toning of deionising anti silicate water treatment coming from the reverse osmosis plant ensures complete reduction of total dissolved solids up to high purity and free values of all unwanted components such as silicates, phosphates, nitrates, heavy metals, organic substance.
    Uses and applications:
  Post filtration for reverse osmosis systems
Post filtration for reverse osmosis systems for the production of ultrapure water for aquariums
Post filtration demineralisation systems
Production of small amounts of pure water with mains water
  Deionizer consists of:
outer container with double seal in non-toxic material and perfectly transparent in order to see the degree of exhaustion of the resin
Full inner transparent resin cartridge
quick couplers
Bracket for wall mounting positioned on the container
jg tube 50 cm
  Periodically clean with cold water and with a soft sponge the container at each exchange resin
Replace the glass transparent every 3 - 5 years
Replace seal every 1-2 years or when it hardens
  General safety rules:
  Do not use gas and compressed air
Do not use for hot water
  SILCO resins
The plant is supplied assembled and ready for use.
Please be advised that R/O units are best installed either in a garage or a weather protected outside area as the risk of leakage could damage internal fixings. We are not responsible for any damage caused by leakage.
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